Why We Think Babies

It’s time to make the potential of every baby a national priority. See what families across the country say they need to thrive and share your story. What would you want our elected leaders to know about raising babies and toddlers today or the challenges of providing families with young children the support they need?

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Britney Lombard (CO)

Britney and Adam work hard to build financial stability for their family, but find themselves continually thwarted by lack of quality, affordable child care for their young children. Initially, facing full-time child care costs greater than her income, Britney was forced to cut her hours to work part-time. But when Adam started his own small business, and their children no longer needed more costly infant care, Britney returned to work full-time, calculating that the slim margin of profit was necessary for their family. Working families like Adam and Britney should have access to the quality, affordable child care options they need to help their children thrive.

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Taria Wolfe (NE)

As a single mother, Taria depends on high quality, affordable child care programs for her young children as she works to support their family. However, child care is hard to find in their rural area, and at one point, she was faced with traveling 30+ miles to find a quality child care center. In the end, a spot opened up at a small, local child care center. Taria counts herself lucky to find affordable, quality child care that was workable for her family. But working families like hers should not have to rely on luck to find and access the child care they and their babies need.

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