Decisions that affect babies and families happen at all levels of government. State-based advocates have a critical role to play in achieving the polices infants, toddlers and their families need. The tools and resources on this page are designed to support you to plan and implement advocacy strategies and tactics to advance your infant-toddler priorities at state and community levels.

Strolling Thunder

Strolling ThunderTM is the flagship advocacy event of Think BabiesTM. It’s a day when babies, toddlers, and their families meet with their policymakers and urge them to Think Babies – for stronger families, vibrant communities, and a prosperous country. In addition to national Strolling Thunder, states and communities across the country are holding their own events to connect families directly with their local and state elected officials. Learn more about bringing Strolling Thunder to your community.

More Ways to Elevate the Needs of Babies and Families

Families are the experts in what they need to support their babies’ healthy development. Strategic events, whether in person, virtual, or hybrid, are a great way to connect families directly with their elected officials to make the case for what families need. Each of the suggested event options below includes a suite of resources and templates to help you plan and implement a successful event. Please note that if you would like to use the Think Babies branding and logos as a part of your event, you will need to enter into a no-cost agreement with ZERO TO THREE. For more information about using Think Babies/Strolling Thunder branding and logos as well accessing additional associated resources, please contact [email protected].

Infant-Toddler Advocacy Training

Infant-Toddler Program Site Visit

Infant-Toddler Policy Forum

Family Listening Session

Virtual Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of families with infants and toddlers and changed the ways in which advocacy happens. Educating policymakers about what babies need to thrive has never been more important. Virtual events have made it possible to continue impactful advocacy despite the public health crisis and revealed new opportunities to effectively engage families. The Think Babies Virtual Events Toolkit is designed to support you in holding impactful virtual events.