Frequently Asked Questions

Strolling Thunder 2022

I submitted my interest form. Now what?

Thank you for taking the time to share your information with us! We know life with little ones is busy and time is precious. We’ll be in touch with you by the end of March to let you know if you are selected to participate in Strolling Thunder 2022. If selected, we’ll quickly connect you with someone from ZERO TO THREE. This person will be your go-to for questions and logistics, including explaining next steps to prepare for the virtual event.

Is any experience necessary?

No! Families who are raising young children are our best messengers to help Congress understand how important it is to Think Babies and Act. We will provide tips and a brief training to help you prepare. And we will attend each virtual Congressional meeting with you. But your stories – in your own words – will be the most powerful tool in sharing the Think Babies message.

Will I really be meeting with Members of Congress?

That’s the plan! Our team will work to schedule one to two virtual visits per family. Sometimes you’ll be meeting with a Member of Congress. But you may also meet with members of their staff, who are key advisors. All of these meetings will be important venues to share your story.

What am I expected to talk about with my Member of Congress?

Most importantly, we want you to share your story. Tell your Members of Congress about your greatest joys as a parent and where you need or have needed support. As we get closer to Strolling Thunder, we will hold a training to give you tips and suggested message points to help explain why Congress must Think Babies and Act by investing in the first three years of our children’s lives.

What is the schedule for Strolling Thunder?

When you mix babies and Congress together – even in a virtual setting – the name of the game is flexibility! We hope that all families selected will be able to participate in the virtual meetings and any other activities around the event. But we know that, sometimes, babies have their own plans. That’s okay! The same goes for Members of Congress. We respect the important work they do and know their schedules are rapidly changing. Our team will set up meetings and modify as needed.

Week of May 9

We ask every participant to join a 1-hour (60-minute) training session to get you ready for your virtual meetings with your Members of Congress, go through event details, and give you a chance to meet our staff. We will schedule the same session multiple times so that you can choose the time that works best for your schedule.

Tuesday, May 17

Participants will participate in virtual meetings with Members of Congress and their staff.

Will I receive financial support to participate in Strolling Thunder?

We know that money can be tight, especially for families with young children! Each family who is selected will receive a one-time stipend in the form of a $150 VISA gift card. This financial support can be used to help you make up for lost wages, pay a child care provider to allow you to participate in the training, and/or cover any other expenses related to participation.

What if I need help with technology?

ZERO TO THREE will help you make sure you are prepared for your virtual meetings, including accessing the meeting platform and answering any questions you may have. If you need equipment to participate in a video meeting, we will make sure you get what you need. We want you to have the information and resources you need to make these meetings as smooth as possible.

Will I book my own meetings with Members of Congress?

No. We’ve got that covered. ZERO TO THREE will schedule these meetings for Tuesday, May 17, based on your Members of Congress’ availability.

Will the meeting timeframes be baby-friendly?

ZERO TO THREE will work closely with each family to make sure that you and your child(ren) are comfortable. This includes accommodating time zones where possible. However, in some cases we will need to select the best time for the Members of Congress and their staff on Tuesday, May 17.

What if I’m not currently active on social media?

That’s OK! What better reason to start tweeting than to tell your Members of Congress why they need to #ThinkBabiesAndAct? As part of Strolling Thunder, we ask that participants actively share their experiences on social media. We will provide simple tips to help you set up an account if needed, share photos, and connect with your Members of Congress, as well as other participants and supporters across the country. Whether you prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another platform, we need your help to share the Think Babies message before, during, and after the event.

What happens after the Strolling Thunder event?

Families are often babies’ most powerful advocates! After May 17, you will have opportunities to Be a Big Voice for Little KidsTM  as part of Think Babies  and beyond. You will be invited to join our community of Strolling Thunder  alumni families, who continue to be strong advocates for infants and toddlers in their state and across the country. There are many options for participation, including calling your Members of Congress’ office, visiting your Members of Congress in their district and state offices (based on pandemic restrictions), writing to your local newspaper, or engaging other parents! We will be here to support you along the way.