Frequently Asked Questions

Strolling Thunder 2024

I submitted my interest form. Now what? 

Thank you for taking the time to share your information with us! We know life with little ones is busy and time is precious. We’ll be in touch with you by early March to let you know if you are selected to participate inStrolling Thunder™ 2024. If selected, we’ll quickly connect you with someone from ZERO TO THREE. This person will be your go-to for questions and logistics, including planning travel and preparing for your meetings. 

Who will be invited to travel to DC to meet with their Members of Congress?  

We will select one family from each state, including a parent/primary caregiver, their child(ren) under the age of three, and an adult travel companion, such as a co-parent, family member, or caregiver.  

If you are interested in bringing additional family members or extending your travels, you must cover those costs and make those arrangements. 

Your voice and story matter, whether or not we can bring you to DC. Our babies need every voice! Look for the opt-in opportunity on our interest form to be engaged in ways that will help you share your experiences and opinions with policymakers and your story with people who can help make changes happen.   

Is any experience necessary? 

No! Families who are raising young children are our best messengers to help Congress understand how important it is toThink Babies and Act™. We will provide tips and  training to help you prepare, as well as connect you with Strolling Thunder  Alumni. And we will attend your Congressional meetings with you. But your stories – in your own words – will be the most powerful tool in sharing theThink Babies message. 

Will I really be meeting with Members of Congress? 

That’s the plan! Our team will work to schedule each family for three meetings: one with each of your three policymakers on Capitol Hill. Sometimes you’ll be meeting with a Member of Congress. You may also meet with members of their staff, who are key advisors. All of these meetings will be important venues to share your story. 

What am I expected to talk about with my Member of Congress? 

Most importantly, we want you to share your story. Tell your Members of Congress about your greatest joys as a parent and where you need or have needed support. As we get closer toStrolling Thunder, we will hold a training to give you tips and suggested message points to help explain why Congress mustThink Babies and Act  by supporting you and investing in the first three years of our children’s lives. 

What is the schedule for Strolling Thunder? 

When you mix babies and Congress together, the name of the game is flexibility! We hope that all families selected will be able to participate in the meetings and any other activities around the event. But we know that, sometimes, babies have their own plans. That’s okay! The same goes for Members of Congress. We respect the important work they do and know their schedules are rapidly changing. Our team will set up meetings and modify as needed. Below is a general schedule of events to give you a sense of what to expect. 


Most families arrive in Washington, DC (depending on flight availability). 


We will hold a training session to get you ready for your meetings, go through event details, and give you a chance to meet our staff and other families. 


Morning and afternoon: Families will meet with Members of Congress and their staff.   

Midday: Families who are not in meetings will participate in a rally on Capitol Hill. 

Evening: Families will gather for dinner at the hotel to debrief and celebrate!  


Families will travel home. 

Who is responsible for travel costs?  

ZERO TO THREE will cover travel, hotel, and meals for each child under three (as of April 30, 2024) and parent/caregiver selected to participate in Strolling Thunder. In addition, we invite each participant to bring an adult travel companion (such as a co-parent, family member, or caregiver) to provide additional support during the trip. ZERO TO THREE will cover their travel, hotel, and meal costs as well. We will work with each family to book travel, coordinate logistics, provide meals, and more. We are mindful of what it means to travel with a child and will work closely with each family to ensure you have the information you need to make the trip as smooth as possible.   

If you are interested in bringing additional family members or extending your travels, you must cover those costs and make those arrangements. 

Will I book my own travel?  

ZERO TO THREE, with the help of a travel agency, will book travel for families selected to participate in Strolling Thunder – including you, your child(ren) under age three (as of April 30, 2024), and your adult travel companion. Our travel agents will work directly with you to be sure we book an itinerary that works for your family within the parameters of our event schedule.  

Will I need to bring some sort of ID for my child?  

Airlines often require you to present proof of age (such as a copy of a birth certificate) for any children traveling with you. We suggest you bring a birth certificate copy for your child on your trip.  

Will the hotel and itinerary be baby-friendly?  

ZERO TO THREE will work closely with each family to make sure that you and your child(ren) are comfortable during your stay in DC. For example, we can provide a crib at the hotel, age-appropriate snacks (with food allergies in mind), and information on where to eat in between visits with your Members of Congress. While meetings will be flexible to the schedules of policymakers, we hope families are comfortable caring for their babies the way they need to during meetings, including allowing them to sleep, eat, or even cry. A ZERO TO THREE liaison will be in touch with each family during the weeks prior to your trip to coordinate travel, help you prepare for your visit, and answer any questions.  

What if I want to extend my stay in Washington, DC?  

That would be fine! Families will be responsible for any travel or hotel arrangements and costs beyond those provided to each participant for April 28 or 29 to May 1.  

Will I book my own meetings with Members of Congress?  

No. We’ve got that covered. ZERO TO THREE will schedule these meetings for Tuesday, April 30, based on your Members of Congress’ availability.  

What if I’m not currently active on social media?  

That’s OK! What better reason to start posting than to tell your Members of Congress why they need to#ThinkBabies? As part ofStrolling Thunder, we ask that participants actively share their experiences on social media. Whether you prefer X/Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or another platform, we need your help to share theThink Babies message before, during, and after the event.  

What happens after theStrolling Thunder event?  

Advocacy is way more than an event! You will have many opportunities to Be a Big Voice for Little Kids™as part ofThink Babies.  You will become a part of our community ofStrolling Thunder  alumni families, the Strolling Thunder  Family Advocacy Network, who meet regularly, receive updates, and continue to be strong advocates for infants and toddlers in their state and across the country. There are many options for participation, including calling your Members of Congress’ office, visiting your Members of Congress in their district and state offices, writing to your local newspaper, talking with the media or engaging other parents! We will be here to support you along the way.