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State of Babies Yearbook 2019: Data for Policymakers and Advocates

The state where a baby is born makes a big difference in their chances for a strong start in life. For the first time, ZERO TO THREE and Child Trends are telling the state-by-state story of America’s babies. The data can be used by policymakers and advocates to identify and act on the challenges facing the youngest members of society.
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Helping Babies and Toddlers Thrive: A Look at Recent State Legislation

This policy brief from NCSL provides an overview of recent state legislation that supports infants, toddlers and their families, including state laws that: improve access to and quality of child care, ensure parents have time to bond with young children, and empower parents to support their child’s healthy emotional and physical development.
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NBCDI Releases Baby Brain Builders: Tools and Tips for Parents

In partnership with the Think Babies campaign, the National Black Child Development Institute has published a resource providing tips to parents on practical ways to nurture their child’s healthy development, as well as how to become an advocate for policies that will help babies and families to thrive.
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The Child Development Case for Paid Family & Medical Leave

The National Partnership for Women and Families and ZERO TO THREE have revised a fact sheet that summarizes key research on the importance of paid leave to ensure that infants and young children have adequate bonding time with parents and primary caregivers, which is essential for their healthy brain and emotional development.
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New Resources on How Medicaid can Support Healthy Emotional Development for Infants and Toddlers

As part of our focus on emotional development, Think Babies partner, Georgetown Center for Children and Families, released new resources for state policymakers and advocates. Their new report, Using Medicaid to Ensure the Healthy Social and Emotional Development of Infant and Toddlers, and related webinar highlights practical state strategies to ensure that young children and their families in Medicaid receive the support they need to support strong mental health. A...
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NGA Releases Report on “Integrating and Advancing State Prenatal to Age 3 Policies”

In June 2018, the National Governor’s Association (NGA) convened an expert roundtable conversation to review the latest research on early childhood development and current state efforts to support infants and toddlers and their families. In partnership with the Think Babies campaign, NGA recently released a report of that conversation that lays out what state leaders need to do to ensure strong futures for babies and their families.
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New Video Makes the Case for Paid Family Leave

La Guardia Cross, the creator of the viral YouTube series New Father Chronicles, has partnered with the National Partnership for Women and Families and the Think Babies campaign to release a new video about why working parents and their babies need paid leave.
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Support Washington’s Babies and Young Parents

This blog post from Think Babies state partner, The Children’s Alliance discusses the challenges faced by young parents of young children and how policies like access to quality child care can support them.
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