The future begins with babies

The story of America’s babies has never been more important. The foundation we provide for them shapes their future and the future of our communities.  

But not all babies and their families receive the support they need. 

“Raising healthy kids is a hard job, and there’s so much more that our elected officials can do to make sure infants and toddlers get a strong start in life,said Miriam, a 2024 Strolling Thunder parent.

“I work full-time, and I go to school to advance my career, but I have limited child care. Being a good employee and student has unfortunately also meant I have limited time with my daughter. She‘s one of the smartest kids you’ll ever know and I am worried her success will not be seen by the world because of a lack of economic security. Families need better policies that support families with young children so we have a shot at the American Dream, said Esme, a 2024 Strolling Thunder parent. 

On April 30, 2024, babies and their families from every state descended on Washington, DC to share their stories and tell Congress to Think BabiesTM. 

Meet our 2024 Strolling ThunderTM Families and Learn how you can Be a Big Voice for Little KidsTM. 

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